Request BIOS settings.

Target server: server1.mypoc.com 

My BIOS Model: SuperMicro X10DRU-i + _R1.02b

Once each setting is completed, please take a screen capture of each setting and update the ticket.

You can reboot the server now.

X10 DRU BIOS setting

1. CPU Configuration

Core enabled: 0

2. Advanced Power Management setting

Power Technology: Custom

Energy performance Tuning: disable

Energy performance BIAS setting: performance

Energy efficient turbo: disable

3. CPU P state control

EIST (P-States): Enable

Turbo mode: enable

P-state coordination: HW_ALL

4. CPU C state control

Package C-state limit: C0 / C1 state

CPU C3 Report: disable

CPU C6 report: enable

Enhanced Halt state: disable

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